Tribute to San Diego Super Heros

To all those who helped fight the blazes of October 2003


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The fires that raged through San Diego County at the end of October 2003 were devastating in so many many ways. Lives were lost, homes were lost, livelihoods were lost, and hearts were broken. The fires were also devastating to the native animals and plants. In fact, it is expected that some of the rare and endangered animals of San Diego County may have been pushed over the brink of extinction. Only time will tell.

As bad as the fires were, they were not as bad as they could have been without the courageous efforts of the firefighters and other brave people who put their hearts, souls, and even their lives on the line to control the blazes. Let us all give them thanks and hold them dear to our hearts for there acts of super heroism.

This music is a tribute to the many people who rose to the stature of Super Hero.

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