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MAY 6, 2004

Robin Barber


World/Neoclassical/New Age Artist Robin Barber Takes Listeners on a Sonic Journey with the Release of EARTH

San Diego, California--Robin Barber is pleased to announce his independently released album, Earth. This compelling blend of world and neoclassical musical genres was written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Barber in 2003. The music from Earth paints colorful, exotic visions of far-flung regions of our planet and presents them in a lush, cinematic style.

The seven original tracks are intended to evoke the emotional and inspirational qualities of the natural world. Barber succeeds at this with his dynamic style and musical integrity that bring a refreshing perspective to the New Age genre. His carefully crafted compositions have a timeless quality and are very accessible.

Recent reviews of the album have been enthusiastic: “After listening to Earth four times, “ comments composer and musician, John Pedersen, “I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s an absolute masterpiece.” Reviewer Wayne Henderson praises the “distinct structure and development in Barber’s musical compositions. This is not run-of-the-mill New Age music.” “This is certainly the work of a bright musical influence just about to be discovered, “ comments Dan Zapata, a fan and healer.

Barber has been bringing nature inspired projects to fruition his entire working career. He has worked as a geologist, botanist, and landscape artist, and now is focusing his talents on music from his home studio in San Diego, California.

Earth is available at Barber’s website ( where two of the tracks from the album are free for download. The website also features music not available on this album as well as nature recordings. A free nature recording, Hawaiian Forest, is available for those who sign up for Barber’s newsletter. For more information, please contact the artists direct at (619) 284-8531 or



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