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Music If you haven't heard of internet radio, here's the place to start. If you have, this sites got just about every genre of music you can think of and plenty that you can't. If you're tired of the same-old-thing on AM and FM radio. This is the place to go. If you're looking for some good independant music, CD Baby's becomming the hottest place to go. If you're an independant musician, it's just as hot. Eddie is a musician friend of mine, currently living in Texas. When it comes to Bluegrass, he's the Man. He's got 4 CDs out, books on playing the banjo and guitar, and he's a very well respected teacher. Check out his site. Amazing Sounds is a great "e-zine devoted to informing on the current events in the electronic music, Ambient, New Instrumental Music, World Music, Electroacoustic, New Age, and other alternative genres." A great resource for independent musicians.

Nature Recording This is a site for information on equipment used for nature recording. The Nature Sounds Society is a world-wide organization whose principal purpose is to encourage the preservation, appreciation and creative use of natural sounds. Although somewhat expensive, Sennheiser microphones are arguably the best mics for nature recording. This is a site with recordings of nature sounds, CDs, books, sales of Telinga microphones, and a signup for a great news group on recording nature sounds. This is Bernie Krause's site. Bernie Krause is one of the greatest nature recordist around. The site offers his book, "Wild Soundscapes" which is a wonderful book for those interested in nature recording.

Nature Preservation This is one of my favorite nature conservation groups, The Nature Conservancy. Their key asset is being able to work with people who at first sight might not seem environmentally concerned. They are able to get things done showing how preservation is of benefit to all involved. and are two sites that preserve land each time you visit and preserve more if you buy from their sponsors. Save rainforest every day!

Nature/Human Relationship Ecopsychology is the study of the relationship between the psychology of humans and human interaction with nature. It attempts to understand the human connection with nature from the purely physical to the spiritual perspectives.


 !tzalist Arts Directory This is a webring (a group of related and connected websites) for artists of all types.

Have any great music, nature, or recording related links or perhaps some other really cool links? Send them my way. Want to swap URLs? Lets talk. E-mail me.



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