Robin Barber's Biography

Born and raised in the incredibly diverse San Francisco Bay area, Robin Barber has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with music and nature.  From his earliest memories of helping in the garden, playing the organ and gamboling on the beaches and in the woods of northern California, Robin set forth on an unconscious quest to become a naturalist and composer of the highest order.  His formal musical training began at the age of 10 in performance, music theory and composition at the Queen of the Holy Rosary School of Music. 

A true musical polyglot, Robin has absorbed compositional styles from around the globe and mastered not only the organ, but also the piano, hammer dulcimer, koto and recorder.  He also holds advanced degrees in science and has worked professionally as a geologist, biologist and environmental consultant.  But above all, Robin holds paramount his boundless affection and appreciation for this planet we all share.  In his spare time he seeks out places of beauty and solace to inspire his music and deepen his connection to the Earth.


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