This is always a very difficult part because so many people have helped in so many different ways. Nonetheless, there are those that should be recognized for the critical help they have provided.

The CD is dedicated to my parents who have given me so very much I couldn't even begin to list it all. Special thanks to Eddie Green, who has been my true support and friend from the beginning to the end of this project. This CD couldn't have been made with out him. Oliver and Virginia Thomas, who's love and kindness is endless, were there when I needed them most. The encouragement and friendship of Andy Pigniolo and Bobby Cornish were critical for me to believe in myself. Michael Tower created the perfect graphics for the CD, and did so out of the kindness of his heart. I am in his debt for that. Thomas Grasseschi helped me with graphic ideas and was instrumental in my learning to create a web site. Dan Zapata both strongly encourage my music and was the necessary computer specialist that got me set up, headed in the right direction, and made sure I knew what I needed to know to keep it going. Special thanks to Jym Schwartz and Jeni Martin for their encouragement and great ideas. Also, special thanks to my fiends at LFR who gave financial support for a birthday gift. I trust they feel it went to good use. Steven Ilg provided critical comments, many great ideas, and invaluable friendship.


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